Professional Day



Our professional symposium provides you with the tools, competencies, and best practices to expand your ability to meet the needs of transgender and gender-creative youth, adults and their loved ones. 

It is day of comprehensive workshops, judgment-free discussions, and accredited seminars led by nationally-recognized experts and informed by members of the community. 

This is designed to offer the opportunity for medical, mental health, education, legal, faith and social justice professionals to learn, question, and expand competencies, and to come away better prepared to assist and fortify individuals (youth as well as adults) and their families. 

Continuing Education Credits

 We are working to have continuing education credits issued for our professional day programming. 

Planned Programming (more to come)


  • Surgery Options 
  • Gender Care for Youth
  • Journal Club
  • Primary Medical Care 
  • PrEP, STI and Sexual Health
  • Fertility Options

Mental Health

  • Informed Consent
  • Surgery Evaluation Readiness
  • Supporting Partners
  • Ally Training
  • Theorizing Transgender Identity for Clinical Practice


  • Gender Inclusive Schools
  • School Policy Creation and Adherence
  • GLSEN Safe Space Training
  • Student Panel


  • Religious Perspectives of Gender
  • Intersex and Faith

Please review our Discussion Guidelines.


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Full Symposium 2016

These testimonials came from attendees at our preceding conference, Gender Conference East (GCE), from 2016.

 "Thrilled to be posed with questions and issues that I may not have previously considered or thought about."

 "One of the most informative and well organized education symposiums that I have attended in many a year."

-2016 Professional Symposium Attendee​ 

Education Track

"As a middle school teacher in a culturally diverse district who is in the process of beginning an LGBT and ally club, I found the workshops to be very informative and gave me insight to better understand this community. The resources available, the explanations given and the personal stories shared help me to grow as a person and continue to grow in my understanding  to better support this vulnerable group so that I can better assist  and support the youth in this community through their struggles and help them know it is okay, and they are beautiful just the way they are."

-Debra Calle, Middle School Teacher

Mental Health Track

 "This conference provides timely and vital information and support for not only 

professionals working with transgender youth and families, but the families and youth as well.  GCE not only changes many, but also, saves lives."


"This conference was excellent. The presenters were strong and incredibly knowledgeable. I left feeling refreshed, inspired, and excited to bring all that I learned back to my practice working with youth, adults, and families."

-Kelli Knabe, Clinical Social Worker

Medical Track

"I gained so much knowledge in one day, which I am effectively using when working with transgender youth in the pediatric office I work in!"

-2016 Professional Symposium Attendee

"Besides being such a great educational experience, it was so nice to see everyone having fun!"

-Beverly A. Fischer, M.D., Plastic Surgeon and Speaker​

Intersectionality & Legal Tracks

 "The Clinical sessions were profoundly thought-provoking. I walked out with renewed and deepened sensitivity to issues related to intersectionality generally and gender specifically. I learned so much and the space was safe for asking questions. I cannot wait to attend next year."

-2016 Professional Symposium Attendee

"Without knowledge we are ignorant, after we gain knowledge we become accountable"

- Annette Cottle, Parent Advocate

Multidisciplinary & Research

"You will leave this conference a changed person. I was not the same person who first walked through the doors.  Through meeting and listening to presenters and attendees helped me understand myself and the students under my care." 

-2016 Professional Symposium Attendee